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Oh Wow!


J. Searle

Mind, an introductory to philosophy By: J. Searle



It’s been forever since I last posted… at least since spring quarter class have ended and posting a bulletin didn’t require me to do so at least 3 times a week…

However, I’m taking summer school! Can you believe it? Me? Summer school? I know, ya right! But seriously.. I am, and it blows! Mostly because I’m exhausted…

I mean, the classes that I have are fairly interesting, but they keep me so busy that I hardly have time to exist outside of school. At least I absolutely LOVE my teachers!

I’m taking Religion and Rationality (8AM-11:30a), and The Films of Akira Kurosawa (6-10p). Thus, my days are REALLY long… and I am no early bird.

Work Load: The film class has a 2 page paper due every time we meet… and the viewing of the Kurosawa films… I don’t generally enjoy foreign films however, I found these to be very entertaining :). We also had to read his autobiography, and another book I can’t remember the name of at the moment. Also quite interesting.


Dreams - Akira Kurosawa

Dreams - Akira Kurosawa



but the Religion and Rationality seems more like Philosophy and requires TONS of reading… and comprehension. And questions for discussion.  As daily we have 3-4 quizzes for that class on the reading we were assigned. We read 2 books in the period of 3 weeks! And let me tell you.. this stuff does not soak in easily. 


J. Cooper

Body Life and Soul Everlasting By: J. Cooper



Then, at the end of the courses, I’ll have at least 20 pages to write between the two.

Now, despite all the work load, I much prefer summer courses :). After all, you can focus on the subject more, get nitty and gritty right away, then perhaps if you don’t like the course not worry too much just get through it because it will be over soon anyway.

Anyway, just figured I’d fill you in as to why I haven’t been posting lately. But when I get a chance, I’ll write some more! 🙂

Wish me luck!


Ciao <3,