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Parrot & Quote - From the RainforestSite!

I don’t know about you but I think its safe to say that we’ve all been misunderstood from one time to another. The complexity of these misunderstandings are all different too, depending on the subject, seriousness, and person or persons who the misunderstanding has occurred with. Therefore, it is difficult to understand how exactly to resolve each individual conflict, and avoid any others which may later present themselves.

In speech, people use different tones, vocabulary, and loudness. Because people are generally used to consistency; whenever something changes up, for example, very fast paced conversation where the voice rapidly escalades, we are lead to believe that they are upset with something.

Naturally, if you are already a hotheaded person, and someone is upset with you and you aren’t sure why they ever got upset in the first place, you too end up all rattled up.

However, here is a piece of advice from the knowledge that I have acquired while I’ve walked my short time on this earth. If someone is upset with you, why not take some time to figure out what exactly is bothering them, or even why you are upset with them for being upset with you?

Think about it, how can you resolve an issue together, if you get upset with them every time that they get upset with you? The battle will be endless. Both you and the conflicted person(s) must work together to fix the problem, at least to where you reach a happy medium and/or come to some kind of agreement. 

Arguing, and fighting cause two things to occur. The first would be to create an enemy out of someone who is close to you (and knows a lot about you). It is always a pity when you allow some disagreement, or misunderstanding to come between you and those you love. The second occurrence would be the fact that disagreements and working together to face these problems can actually make the relationship stronger. Which category of the two would you rather be placed in? A lost friend, or a strengthened friendship? I hope you choose the latter. 

As it is, people we love stab us in the back sometimes anyway, regardless of whether or not they mean to… why make enemies who will ensure it?

You will be burned sometimes, but just because that happens doesn’t mean you should go around burning people back… otherwise, your bridge returning will burn with you on it. Instead, cherish those you love, and be kind to those you don’t… and together, face your misunderstandings which will eventually lead to a greater good, making you the bigger person.


A Words Worth


Word’s are so powerful. This is why it has always been an important fact that you should always think before you speak. Some of us need more practice than others.

Always remember that when you say something you can never truly take it back. So, if you ever have some mishap in the communication methods you have with your friends, family, and loved ones perhaps you should consider that sometimes it is possible to say a lot by not saying anything at all. Sometimes all it takes is a listening ear, or even a hug.

Friendship is based off of many things but is defined as a term used to denote co-operative and supportive behavior between two or more humans. This cooperative and supportive behavior must however be a two way street. If it isn’t then it may not be a friendship for long.

People misunderstand each other all the time because either a) someone wasn’t listening for details and/or details were not communicated or b) there was some kind of distraction that captured their attention.

It is important to target your issue, address it and go about the language from another perspective or choice of words. Here’s why, if you were misunderstood in the first place chances are you didn’t communicate it to the way they would understand. Thus, rephrase, brainstorm, and address it when you have combed through the finer details.

Some people believe that those who choose many words simply do not understand themselves seeking knowledge through understanding others. I agree and disagree with such statement, however if saying what I mean and hope that it will all be understood and work out for the best somehow discredits me I will continue to do so because I am a freedom seeker, and a communicator. 

Rumors are another form of words that you never want to get yourself started in. If you never talk about other people in a negative way, or pass mean things about other people around chances are it will be harder for them to say negative things about you. But if you sit their pointing fingers all the time eventually the fingers will point right back at you. The only way to destroy an enemy is to make him your friend.

Never make assumptions about other people. If you do then be sure to know the facts too. It is easy to judge people based on what you see rather than by the things that are concrete. There are a small portion of those close people that know, while all the others assume. This causes plenty of inaccurate views of others, and misunderstandings. Taking bits and pieces of information about anyone isn’t viable enough to say you know them. Besides, you wouldn’t want them to say anything about you.