About: Lady Elizabeth


My name is Elizabeth. I write because I talk to much if I don’t. I see things one way, my friends see it another… I’ve always liked it this way. I’m anislandcountry girl so my family says I’m a hippy… I’m a tree hugger who loves my family and appreciates my friends a whole lot and I prefer to be called by my full name but nobody remembers…

My motto is: “If you cannot be a poet, be the poem.” -Author Unknown. I’m an honest person and love people. I’m a homebody but love to go out. Respect and Loyalty are very important to me. To be as natural as possible is awesome in my eyes. I like to cheer the underdog. I carry strong convictions and beliefs, doing my best to own up to them. (I try to live by: Phil. 4:13, Joshua 1:9, Psalm 55:6).

My Facts: I try to be real w/everyone but can be shy when first meeting people. I’m a lover, not a fighter, but I’ll fight for what I love.

Hobbies: writing, singing and composing music (when words fail, music speaks: I always have a song in my ♥ ), dancing, happy snaps (photography), driving, sketching, poetry and baking.

I enjoy: the simple things in life: Kailua beach (when the waves kiss my feet, the sand is my seat, and friends outnumber the stars), basking in the sun, the sound of trains, volleyball, archery (though i haven’t done it in ages), water fights, munchies, flowers, animals, traveling & road trips, hopscotch, playing in the rain, dressing up, pillow talk, being classy but wild at the same time, surprises, night-time picnics, and dining with my friends. I fancy fruit smoothies and V8 Splash.

Why am I here: Simple. I love random. I love expression. I also like the shock factor of things sometimes and am excited to write one that will catch you off guard, not to offend you but to give you insight on other perspectives.

Religion: I love my God. You love your God. Together we can love Our God. “If you can imagine a world of peace, with no denominations of religion – not without religion but without this “my-god-is-bigger-than-your-god” thing, then it can be true.” –John Lennon (1980)

Favorite colors: green, purple, white.

I love: myself so that I can love others. I love God, my fam[ily]&, friends : Life’s greatest blessings.

Goals: that I can make some small impression on your heart strong enough to make you want to stand up for what you really believe in. Dare to be different?

The advice I was given when I was young, and that I am passing to you:Always be yourself. Why settle for anything less than the real thing.

I’m a little girl at heart… and it makes me happy :).

Location: Home Is Where The Heart Is:
K-town – HAWAII *home
Corona – California *school

Sincerely Love,

Lady Elizabeth*




5 responses to “About: Lady Elizabeth

  1. Thanks for your comments! It was nice finding out more about you through this page. See you in class!

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  3. Hey Lady Elizabeth,
    Not sure if you’ll get this or not, but if so…
    just letting you know I came across your bubble somehow, researching ‘peace symbol’
    Just wanted to say that you seem cool and enjoyed your ‘lived by’s’

  4. I found your site while doing an image search for “tree on a hill” You’ve built a fun and creative site which captures your personality and values. Good job! I liked the Bible verses you live by. Keep on being creative, alive and a blessing to others.

    Allen R
    San Diego

  5. I am a hippie 2 u seem pretty groovy i came across workin on collage (sorry cant spell) but your site was pretty chill i usally ignore but i actually read this one! i agreee with 100 % of the way on just bout everything

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