Did You Know? -Conversation Starters

Lookie here! Its a sand dollar!  



See: freaky animal kingdom fact...


According to research from UC Davis, women worry more than men because they’re more likely to believe that past experiences accurately forecast the future.

47 percent of women work on their days off.

On average, people tell one to two lies a day with the intention of deceiving.

Freaky animal-kingdom fact: Sand-dollar larvae can clone themselves when in danger. Researchers believe this is so they have twice the chance of survival if one gets eaten.

On September 12, Russians will celebrate the Day of Conception, a holiday that encourages couples to do the deed and give birth exactly nine months later on Russia’s national day. Patriotic parents who do indeed have children on June 12 win cars, fridges, and money.

According to a recent study, the higher the cost of gas, the lower the rate of national obesity. Apparently, people would rather walk to work (or at least to public transportation) than shell out major dough to fill up the their tank.

Firstborns get 20 to 30 more minutes of quality time per day with parents than younger sibs.

The high produced by exercise could one day be available through a pill, says research. Scientists found a gene that can be targeted to alleviate depression.

The median age of women in the U.S. who get married for the first time is 25.5.

Some handbag designers are strengthening the stitching and straps of women’s bags to support the added weight of things like PDAs and iPods.

Tattoos on the neck or face are called job stoppers in the tattooing business, according to David Givens, PhD, author of “Crime Signals.”

This is what happens when you mix me and a cosmo… Magazine of course! 😉


3 responses to “Did You Know? -Conversation Starters

  1. Lady E!

    I’ve missed you, and i’m SO happy you’re writing again.

    And so you know… neither of those were my 1-2 lies for the day.

  2. lol. are you being sarcastic again??? hehe. jk 🙂

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