Revenge is a nasty thing.. and ultimately hurts everyone… leaving one person bitter, and the other person hurt (physically, and/or emotionally). Revenge is never something that someone should pursue if they ultimately care about themselves.. and if they ever cared about the other person. Mostly because it lowers your own self value, esteem, ethics, and morals.

Technically, would you want to do that to yourself simply because someone has upset you and made you angry? Yes, it may be funny to think back on… but over all, its really sad. Try not to lower yourself to “their level.” The wrongs that they have done to you will be repaid someday, not by you… but by someone bigger, and higher out there. Not only do I believe in a fair, and “Just” God… but I believe in karma. Thus, its what you dish out that comes back for you to eat. Thats why you gotta be careful and make sure that what you give to others would be something that you might want to receive in return. Then, see post -Forgiveness.


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