People say that forgiveness is something to be earned, something that is only given when asked for, and only to those who deserve it… but I disagree. Forgiveness is something that helps us to understand ourselves better through discovering how far we are willing to go to forgive others… especially if they won’t forgive you. If you want to be forgiven for the things that you’ve done wrong, then you too must forgive others to the same degree that you would want, or even expect in return.

It’s like the golden rule says, “Do unto others as you want them to do to you.” I honestly can’t remember the last time I even thought about what that rule really means… its so simple really, but crucial to the growing and expansion of our minds.

Sometimes we forget that it is when a friend hits a rough patch that they need you most. It’s when they are low and feeling down, and have wronged you that they need you to be there for them, and bestow upon them your forgiveness. They are delicate, and vulnerable.

We forget that even though heaven isn’t attained through “good works,” that a good life is, and doing something nice for others is favorable in God’s eyes. We forget sometimes that memories fade, and seasons change, but the things we learned through experience we will carry on with us forever.

This is why it is a valuable lesson to remember to:

  • reach out and give a hand to one in need, giving hope, and offering peace. 
  • stretch your arms out to someone who needs a hug, extend an invitation to a person that seems lonely, and if you see someone without a smile give them yours… 🙂 small steps make huge differences!
After all,  you never know the difference that can be made in that small moment of time that might never present itself again. Find opportunities, not trials. Find happiness and share it with others.

And when the moment of truth comes to question: “Was I there for others? Did I show love, peace and compassion?” You will know what to find because “what goes around, comes around.” So always forgive others when they need to be forgiven and realize that it’s not really for them… It’s for you, so that you can move on, and live life carefree with out holding grudges. To prepare your heart, and your mind to allow them to be healthy, and optimistic… And God will smile upon you; because He loves you and recognizes that you are growing and learning that if He can forgive US for all we’ve done, then we can find it in our hearts to forgive everyone who wrongs us in return. In closing, an unknown author said: “The weak can never forgive.  Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”  Are we strong enough?

people make mistakes


2 responses to “Forgiveness

  1. I’ll admit i’m not a religious fellow Lady E… But I really liked what you wrote here.

    Very nice & very true.


  2. I simply couldn’t leave your web site before suggesting that I really loved the standard information an individual supply for your visitors? Is gonna be back incessantly in order to check out new posts

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