Don’t judge a book by it’s cover…


Jessie Wilcox Smith

You never really know what’s really inside of the cover or what exactly it really is that people are reading anyhoo. People have walls up for a reason. All which vary from person to person. Some people just like living in solitaire, while others have been broken time and time again. As you have probably figured this isn’t really about books. It’s about judgement. 

I don’t know about you but I’ve overheard people talking about a person that they’ve never met as they walk by. “Ah.. she looked stuck up,” or “ugly.” Even things like, “Did you see that girl yelling at that guy and hit him upside the head! That was so funny!”

Now, lets take those situations and put them into context. What if the girl who looked “stuck up” just lost her father in a car wreck when he had just picked up her two kids from school, one of her kids suffered from a few bruises and a broken arm, while the other kid was presently in a coma. The only way for her to cope with it was to hold her head up high and walk her stride to work hoping to keep her mind busy simply to keep her heart from aching. Would you dare call her stuck up now?

Now, what about the girl who was yelling at the guy and hit him upside the head… she was walking down the hallway at the mall and came out from around a corner, before you saw her the man had grabbed her butt and pushed her attempting to steal her purse. For her own protection she was screaming for help, and when you saw her she hit him across the head and he took off. Would you still laugh? Or would you feel sorry for her unfortunate situation?

The point is that sometimes we look at people from the outside without any knowledge or insight as to what is in the inside of their worlds. What is actually going on in their lives. Sometimes, even not caring. Which brings me to my next point, it is so sad that we can go on this way. Cursing our own people, and managing to laugh or smile at their misfortunes.

Next time, just think about the time when someone saw only part of something you did and therefore, misunderstood the entire situation, and you were embarrassed. Then maybe, instead of laughing, you will assist them and keep them in your hopes for better days.


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