Is your heart enough?

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I joined the American Heart Association this past week and am now an advocate promoting help for people with heart issues… even though I have none, other than a minor condition, I wonder if it is only in my thoughts that I resist taking the time to care for others then they would for me.

If we don’t make time for the things that actually matter, then we as a nation have failed ourselves. Please help with funding by making it possible to help even one soul survive. Make a conscious effort to make the world a better place, one step at a time.

What righteous cause will you put your efforts forth into? Do you have a heart big enough to help others? Is there a charity that can fill the hunger you have for helping people?

There are so many things you can do. Different causes which require different kinds of attention. Are you a writer? You could help inform people of the need for advocating for whatever charity you believe in.

There’s the RainforestSite which allows you to help the rainforest, animals, children, literacy, breast cancer, and hunger causes just by simply clicking the boxes on the top of the sites. They make it so easy, so convenient. 

Do we have time? Are our hearts big enough to make time for situations like these which matter?

Not only does the RainforestSite allow you to help save the planet one little story at a time, but they even have fun gifts that you could by for your family and friends and they will feel even more special because their gift was paid for the purpose of a charity, with thoughts of them!

Still searching for other ways to be charitable? You could consider a Blood Bank, or even being an Egg Donor or Sperm Donor! Click the links to find any of the centers in your area. They may seem not so important, but your blood could be the reason that someone can survive, your eggs, or sperm could be the miracle of birth, and someone’s mom or dad along with someone’s child, or grandchild will be thanking you for the benefits you provided them with –the opportunity of life.

That there, is a big enough reason to want to help others in need :).

Then there is donations. You could donate to many different locations, and it could be for food, clothing, shelter, education, whatever it is that your heart desires! Here is where you could help find cures to save children, St. Jude.

Good luck, and take this seriously. Even if it means giving up your nice cold juicy apple to a homeless man in the hot summer. Chances are you’ll get another one before you notice its gone, and he will be thankful to have received it!


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