Hula Hoops Make Me Happy

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You think thats impressive? I dare you to try it, simple, around your waste! You will surely think it is amazing…

The hula hoop is a toy hoop, usually made of plastic, that is twirled around the waist, limbs, or neck (definition provided by google). The hoop was invented by Wham-o Corporation who released the product in 1958.

The term “Hula” was adapted from the Hawaiian dance and was first associated to the toy after people saw the close relations to the cultural dance and the hoop.

Did you know that the balls inside aren’t even really there for a purpose other than the “shoop-shoop sound effect!” I kid you not! That there was a quote.

Not only is the hula hoop a good recreational activity, but a healthy sport. It can be a really fun and healthy habit which could also make you flexible.

The hula hoop is a lot harder than it seems! I remember when I was little I really enjoyed it. So naturally, when I saw one in the store this weekend I bought it, figuring it would be especially fun and a “piece of cake” with my hula experience! I was right, and wrong! I didn’t remember ever struggling with it before, thus, it taught me to admire kids for their energy and coordination! And at first my hips were out of sync with the hoop catching on my clothes and tripping over my shoes. I felt like a kid again! And of course after a few more try’s I finally got it :). It was great!

Another plus is that the hula hoop most definitely teaches you how to laugh at yourself while providing a smile for anyone else who is watching.

Now, I can give you a tip! The moment you start worrying about how you look or what other people are thinking is when the whole thing collapses and the game is all over! So just don’t pay attention. Let yourself loose, have fun, and feel free!

To learn more about the hula hoop click here.


3 responses to “Hula Hoops Make Me Happy

  1. Hey, I finally found your writting! It seems that the email you sent with a link in it got lost at the bottom of my inbox, and I didn’t read it ’til now. :[
    I’ve only ever gotten a hula hoop to stay up for a few seconds. I think I might have been worried about people watching. But next time I get the chance, I’ll take your advice!

  2. Lady Elizabeth

    no problem sweetie, thanks for visiting the site! you really should try again! i know the hula hoop can be frustrating at first, but once you get it, its so much fun!

  3. Have you ever seen the movie “The Hudsucker Proxy”? Great movie, with the Hula Hoop being an inanimate star.

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