Guess I shouldn’t write everything I think…

It’s like saying everything you think out loud. I mean I know it sounds almost oxymoronic but its a fair sentence, I promise.

Anyway, the main purpose of this post is to inform you that sometimes censoring the things you do, say, or even think might actually be the better idea.

Honestly, knowing when not to speak has always been a benefit to us as a people. But besides that, it’s kind of like Pastor Sam (the local pastor at the church I attend) said, “If you drive around with your LSU tag (college parking permit) on the car then you better not be doing anything bad!” As it is, more people pay attention then you think, more still are watching, and even more then that can still see you.

I was just sitting here blogging when I had an epiphany that was seemingly obvious but somehow jingled in the rear view mirror of my thoughts; It was the fact that I myself along with todays generation are so willingly plunging ourselves into a pool of strangers. Yes, the internet is in fact a danger, but somehow it has also become an addiction. 

I am curious to to understand how the internet could possibly be safer than many things… more specifically when I think of the harm that it has already caused.

I mean, the internet introduces people to many worldly things. Good, and bad. In my opinion the internet was made specifically as a place for freedom, expansion of learning, and unity through this media of communication. I too am addicted, however I feel like we aren’t actually thinking before we speak, or editing before we publish. 

Blogs typically started as online journals. To this day some people don’t want their identities revealed, yet they provide so much information. I’ll use myspace as an example. For those who do not know it is a social networking company that allows you to keep in contact with friends, or meet new people, making it possible for you to view their pictures, read blog entries, leave comments, messages, and more. It can be a positive or a negative experience based on why you’re there and exactly who you are talking to. However, strangers can view your site too. Yes, there is a choice that allows you to make your site public or private, however all it takes is a code (which I have seen with my own eyes!) to crack that shield straight onto your page, exposing all your “hidden” secrets. Thus, the “about me” section which is generally a summary of the person, their beliefs, possibly nationality, sports and hobbies, and so much more is now free for ANYONE with that code to see. Guess we don’t realize we are practically making our online trip STALKER FRIENDLY!

Now, stalkers aside. Police, and even potential employers are using social-networking companies to get to know who they would be interviewing. Often times, we might not even get the offer because of something they didn’t like, horrible pictures, vocabulary, or posting up our whole lives for the world to see. Why? For what?

I think mostly for curiosity and peer pressure because everyone else was doing it.. meeting boys and girls in their area and hooking up.

Now, the dangers have become more serious. Stalkers, and on the chance of being arrested for doing something you should never have been doing (be it underage drinking – caught via photo, hosting a party that had illigals there, or whatever). Or getting busted by your school who by the way practically force you to lie if you so chose to do anything that would be legal for any other person your age… For example: living off campus with your friends, drinking for your 21st birthday, missing curfew because you got in a fight with your boyfriend.

My point is, don’t be stupid about what you post up. It would be a good idea to stay legal to whatever documents you have signed your life away too… and if you so choose not to, then at least censor yourself.


2 responses to “Guess I shouldn’t write everything I think…

  1. Sorry I didn’t come yesterday, I passed out early.
    I love this post though and what you have done with your blog!
    Tab and I are slacking on the creativity part, we’ll get there though.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Great blog, Elizabeth.

    Having a Mysapce myself, I know what you’re saying. I get scared when I think of what people can learn from what one posts. I am quite careful in that subject.

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