Best Advice Ever – VIDEO

Randy Pausch. Now here is a man I stride to be like. I mean, he has such a good attitude towards life, even though he has been told he is going to die soon. He has a wife and three kids and leaves us with wisdom that will be sure to enrich our lives.

He embraces a character which anyone could hope to resemble. He said “Brick walls are there for a reason: they let us prove how badly we want things.”

“Simple advice that you’ll find hard to follow…. just tell the truth….” and so much more. He says: “No one is pure evil. And if you wait long enough they will show you their good side…. you can’t make them do it in a hurry…just be patient.”

Here is a very optimistic video, and if you’ve never heard of or seen the video about Pausch this is definitely a MUST.

“The talk isn’t just about how to achieve your childish dreams. Its much broader than that. It’s about how to live your life.”

I urge you to see this. It is from the perspective of a man like us who understands us at our level and leaves us with the “last lecture” that he has knowing it will be his last… and leaving us with the highest wisdom and teaches us how to apply it. He speaks with sincerity and care.

According to The Independent Newspaper: “They keep taking the Oprah clip down off YouTube because of copyright infringement,” Zaslow says. “But it gets a million views every time before it disappears.”

Randy Pausch Homepage:

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me and dad


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