Extra Baggage

Author Unknown - Person who made this picture Uknown

I don’t know about you but often times I see the world as though it has turned its back on me. I sit somewhere with a view unaware, and unable to recognize that its not the world who has turned its back, but me.

I take note that my pessimistic perspective must be changed… if I didn’t I would again lose myself in a pond full of misery and harmful thoughts. Again, I make an effort to change.

You may be wondering why I turned my back in the first place, wonder no more… I tell you why: this world is full of pain, and lies. My biggest pet-peeve being lies.

I cannot fully grasp the concept or purpose of a lie. It seems like everyone who does lie wounds up in more pain and sorrow then they even started with. You see, the thing with lying is if you’re going to lie you must be consistent. However, even through your consistencies the truth eventually finds its way to escape your lips, or find itself somehow projected for someone else to find.

Lies eventually injure everyone.  Even the smallest lie. If it didn’t why would you not want the truth to ever be discovered? When your lies surface, your friends, family, acquaintances, or whoever will be disappointed to know that you couldn’t tell them the truth just because you felt ashamed, or thought them to be untrustworthy, or maybe felt they couldn’t handle the truth. Either way, nobody wants to think that you think of them this way.


Yes, sometimes the truth hurts. But in reality, it’s the only way to be successfully happy. If you carry burdens of hidden truths behind your back hiding them from the world then you have a lot more to lose. One secret to face the world could ruin your entire life as you know it.

The way people see you can change in an instant. If you get caught in a lie, your reputation can fall…. and here’s where I’m confused. Why would you risk so much just so you won’t be embarrassed for a second? I mean, after someone lies to me once it becomes difficult, or even impossible to ever believe them about anything at all. Especially if it was a “little white lie.” The reason is because if they can lie about something so small, I know they’ll lie about all the big stuff too. If you tell the truth (since it’s likely to be discovered sometime anyway) you will more than likely be trusted and though you hit a rough patch, your relationships will continue to grow because you faced your fear and spoke nothing but the truth, TOGETHER overcoming the obstacles that have been placed between you.

I’m disappointed because it seems there is no one who believes in telling the “whole truth, nothing but the truth,” anymore. For some reason, it has become easier to tell a lie, then to tell the truth.  

How can you make a difference in the world if all you do is cheat yourself at a respectable life by telling nothing but lies all the time? Truth is you can’t. No one else may know, but you do, and if you can live with yourself then you have other issues that need to be addressed.

My problem is, I don’t know how to trust anymore. Life has proven itself untrustworthy. Just when I think I can rely on something, I can’t. When I think I’ve found a good friend, they take advantage. When I feel I’ve finally found the truth, the real truth comes out… and it wasn’t what I thought. Broken promises. Huge heartaches. Inconsistencies. Selfish tendencies. Cheats. Thieves. Religious people who condemn you to hell for no reason more than how you look (as if it were their place to judge you in the first place). Whatever. We’re all here for the same reason. They are all lies.

Rise above all of this. You can. It might be hard at first, but afterwards you can feel so proud and accomplished because you became pure in heart and accepted your flaws, asking forgiveness and because you told the truth, it was accepted.

I know it takes work but you’re not alone. But this boat will sink soon if we don’t throw the extra baggage in the ocean… then, forgive and forget.

If you take my advice, you may still have your back against the world.. but at least you’ll have a few friends with you.

Allie Tsai


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