Through the Eyes of a Child

 Ian Wagg

As I was pondering the moments of life which seem little and meaningless I realized that in reality everything is full of meaning, and color. You can find purpose in everything ever created if you think like a child. I mean, I know I keep talking about children and here is why:

When you are young you look forward to life as opposed to when you are older and wish you could go back to the times you were young.

When you are young you find happiness in the simplest things which somehow manage to be in conveneint locations… and when you grew older you wanted everything else that you can’t ever have. 

When you are young, you have high goals, and expectations believing you can accomplish it all in one day when you grow up.

I feel like its a little cliche but I’ll say it for the purpose of consistence that when you are young it is the “grown ups” that look down on you for your silly little dreams and admirable accomplishments you have in store for you. Yet, because you are young and so energetic you don’t care. You keep that head up high and follow all of your hopes and dreams.

I’m thinking what ever happened to the days when I too felt so optimistic? I mean, I’m neither adolescent nor geriatric… I feel the weight of the world crashing down on my head sometimes with the stress of work, school, religion, and everything else the average person has to encounter.

I wrote this with higher spirit and expectations. I wrote this with the thoughts of a child in hopes that you too can think so lightly of any matter to overcome any obstacle that might jump in your path.

On a lighter note people like purpose and meaning, people grow with consistency. Thus, make it a point to be happy throughout your day and be light at heart.



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