Growing tall…


Shade Tree on Grassy Hill by Chris Rogers

So last post was about kites… and on the subject of kites I was relentlessly disposed to think of trees since kites often times get stuck in trees.

Climbing trees is not only a childhood pleasure, but a memory for anyone who ever experienced a tree house, a tree swing, or a crying cat.

With the thought of being at the top of a tree brings me many subjects that I think of: examples including family heritage (tree’s), which take us back to the many historical events that have taken place throughout the years from person to person.

The cool thing is that with time tree’s also leave their heritage written in the rings of their trunk which count the years that pass. The slight dryness from the lack of rain reveals its character. The sun basks on the tree’s back continuing to shine its persistent presence amongst all men, women and children who stand outside. It is when your skin burns regardless the fact you knew you needed sunscreen that you realize you didn’t appreciate the protection which that seemingly lonely but already bloomed tree stands being a servant to man yet not protected by anyone but the lone hippy chained to the tree.

The idea should be to rise above all our differences and actually assist the problems we encounter attempting at the common goal which would bring us peace. One step at a time. Saving one tree at a time making a difference to that one tree, a difference to the world, and a difference to me.

Now, take initiative and go HUG A TREE (the skinny ones need love too)!    



One response to “Growing tall…

  1. Thanks for the link love! I like your thoughtful sparks, I hope there’s a bunch more in the future.

    The skinny trees are much easier to catch 🙂

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