Young, and looking up!


kite flying
The nature of the human race is often times deceiving. I don’t know about you but I like to observe things and then see how they are practical for every day life.

At first glance, a kite is just an object flying around pointlessly in the air. But then, after continued amusement I had already subjected myself to, I realized not only how painless it was to sit staring at the sky in wonder at a simple invention that had been made not only to fascinate the pure minded, but to keep those who are older still young, and looking “up.”

I am surprisingly blissful at the knowledge that sometimes simplicity is best in the modern world of today’s society.


Thus, a stress relieving tip to enlighten anyone’s day even through the turbulence is a nice breezy day with a few snacks to indulge yourself with, then just head on out to the park, or the beach and remember your kite!

Kite flying is quite therapeutic, and if you can’t afford to buy yourself a nice one you can a)make one which might be a fun experience, b)ask the next cute boy you see if they would teach you how (even if you already know how), I did! Besides, making friends is always a highlight!



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