The Eye of A Cat.

Danielle Moreno
The Eye of A Cat.
Piercing at first glance were the eyes i stared into only for a moment. Then mellowed when they lacked the intimidation they had had when they first heard us approaching. Tame was the word they chose for man when all along we thought it was us who had to make them tame. You know that thought about the crazies? Goes something like this; If its me against the world and the whole world thinks that I’m crazy and I am sure it’s “all of them,” it probably means I’m wrong, ‘cuz I’m crazy… but what about the phrase be “different then all the others?” I mean, crazy’s different, I’d say. However, we must factor in all our misguided differences.

I’ve observed over the course of my life-time, and will continue to observe throughout it because Philosophy, and Psychology are my passions. I will bear with you some “crazy” (–for lack of better word) things that I have noticed.

I have heard with my own ears, seen with my own eyes, and witnessed with the body God has provided me many a number of misunderstood conversations and encounters.

I find it fascinating that so many people can go on this way.

Their words intrigue me.

If you stop and think, and I mean THINK! Use your logic. You can analyze a person and their behavior. This analyzation allows you to better understand the person at large and be able to better communicate your conversation in the way that you originally intended, but only first through understanding how it is that YOU YOURSELF are first laying out your words, how you mean it, and how they are interpreting it. Life is about give and take. Thus, sometimes you need to be the person to analyze these things because the other probably won’t even think about it. Don’t just “not do” it because they wouldn’t. Otherwise, it might never get done.

It is always important never to be angry at anyone for not being observant enough, not making the right decisions, and abandoning their beliefs.

Here is why I feel this way: 1st, people are different. In America this is how we have bread ourselves. We are a nation who tells us to be bold, be fierce, and be original. Although, I often fear that it is much too far from our grasp I continue to optimistically hope for the future of our already crashing planet, called Earth.

When you stop to think about the beginning of time when man did rule over the animals it seems so unrealistically unfair that the mistakes of the so called “Adam & Eve” became our burden to bear.. or at least thats what you would think at first… that is until you remember that we’re all in this together.

Maybe you think I’m crazy now?

          Well, keep in mind —

Takes one to know one, crazy.


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